ETTING: Step 3

Decluttering, Downsizing, Re-Organizing


“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Almost every American knows that they have accumulated too much stuff, but very few can take the initiative on their own to declutter and downsize. Our stuff has a way of casting a lethargic spell over us that makes it incredibly difficult to look at it objectively and discern its growing burden in our lives. It seems to be a truism that the more stuff we own, the more it owns us. Graceful Aging is all about freedom as a core value and genuine experience, so VETTING your stuff is a mandatory step .

The fact is that you can’t take it with you, and the hard-to-hear truth is that most of your stuff is not going to be desired by your near and dear. It is far more courageous and generous to deal with your stuff now than to simply leave the mess for others to clean up after you’re gone. Your children will thank you!

The enormity of this task makes it a key step in which to have outside help. I have developed some helpful strategies to make the decluttering experience less stressful and more meaningful. Knowing how to move through the emotional challenges of your particular relationship to your stuff, as well as offering practical resources for how to sell, donate, or recycle, can make this arduous chore less of a burden.

A carefully curated selection of items that truly serve who you are and who you imagine becoming in your golden years is necessary. It is very hard to sort, select and say goodbye to things that you've owned for many years, so this is a stage where having someone facilitate the process makes the difference between a bold start and actually completing the task.

At a certain point in the graceful aging process there arises, spontaneously, a desire to lighten the load and travel more freely. Whether it is a literal desire to hit the road in our RV, or just increase the amount of time we take for exploring new inner landscapes, the care and feeding of our belongings begins to show up as taking too much time and energy away from the things we’d really like to do.

I come with resources, resolve and great patience to guide you through this step and make the best decisions for your future.