EETING: Step 1

Envisioning the Possibilities for the Next Chapter of Your Family Life


 “The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.: ~ Deepak Chopra

When the oldest members in a family begin to retire and enter into their saging years it signals a dynamic shift to the entire family system. But very few families know how to navigate these important changes and they fail to take advantage of the powerful spiritual, emotional, and material benefits that rise out of this energetic change.

Our intense focus on the individual in this culture – what has been called hyper-individualism by social scientists - is what has blinded us to the deep connectivity and interdependence of all family members, whether or not we live geographically close to one another. Family bonds run incredibly deep in the psyche and it is not inaccurate to say that a “tremor in the force” is felt by others, even from across the world.

The most beneficial step that a family can take is to come together in real or virtual reality and have a frank and open, facilitated conversation about the future, which results in a plan that everyone can get behind.

Because we are not - as a culture - well-versed in emotional intelligence, many families have become closed systems in which entropy has taken hold and the positive life forces are being downtrodden by fears, resentments, or unspoken assumptions. The love is still there but the capacity to imagine outside the entrenched positions has been lost.

I facilitate the Step 1 Meeting so that new energy makes an opening in that closed system and awakens unexpected hope by shining a light on the vast multitude of options that really exist. As an experienced divorce mediator I am no stranger to conflict and misunderstanding, but I have seen enough of the beauty of successful negotiation and the restoration of goodwill to know how worthy the struggle is!

Through a series of creative and finely-tuned exercises I help each family member discover where they have restricted their capacity for envisioning positive outcomes and release the family into a higher dynamic. 

It is a time of change for every family member as relationships are renegotiated to adapt to the new realities. This time is full of possibilities, not just problems, and a well-facilitated conversation is the starting point for finding the right way for each family's unique situation.