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Do you have your plans in place for what comes next…?

If you're a baby-boomer, or the child of a baby-boomer, you will be asking these questions soon:

  • What is it like to age in America?

  • How can we do what's best for everyone in the family as we age?

  • Where can we find the resources to make aging more manageable?

  • When do we need to make decisions about aging?

  • Who can help us with the many aspects of aging gracefully today?


Rebecca Armstrong, D. Min, is one of a new breed of professionals bringing a wealth of experience to the new field of planning for graceful aging.

Whether you are planning to age-in-place, or downsize and move to a retirement community, a granny-flat, assisted living or a tiny-house-on-wheels, Rebecca can guide you through the five stages on the journey to graceful aging in America!



Rev. Rebecca Armstrong, D.Min
Senior Move Maven

Your Practical & Spiritual Guide to Graceful Aging