Your Senior Move Maven & Guide to Graceful Aging

Rebecca Armstrong - Bio

My name is Rebecca Armstrong and I offer practical and spiritual guidance for transitioning through the five steps of graceful aging.

I’m a baby boomer with 35 years of professional experience facilitating groups, counseling, and teaching about life issues. I specialize in creating spaces where you can age-in-place, and also plan for downsizing, or for transitioning to retirement living. Additional services are the creating of Ethical Wills, Living Legacies, Memory Books, and other narrative means of honoring the richness of a life well-lived.

Rebecca Armstrong, D.Min.


Master and Doctorate in ministry from the University of Chicago and Chicago Theological Seminary; (1991, 2004)

12 years working with The Joseph Campbell Foundation leading seminars and workshops on the role of myth and ritual in human life.

25 years experience working with families, couples and individuals to navigate the spiritual and practical dimensions of life transitions;

Executive Certification in Home Modification from Univ. of Southern California; (2012)

Certification in Mediation from Northwestern University; (2004)

2 years of accredited classes at Harrington Institute of Design, Chicago (1998-2000)


What Clients have said about working with Rebecca Armstrong:


You are empathetic…

You are empathetic, enthusiastic and energizing. I feel very blessed to have found you. ~ N.P.


Your calm, strong presence…

You were such a calm, strong presence during the storm of my life. Our conversations helped anchor me in a dark time and I am better for them. Thank you. ~ D. M.


How much you love what you do…

It’s obvious how much you love what you do and what a gift you have. You are forever in my heart. ~ S.S.


I love the ideas …

I love the ideas we came up with in our conversations that were what ultimately led me to this peace with myself. Thank you for helping me see what was there all along. ~ A.J.


Thankful that our paths could cross….

Thanks for your physical presence; thanks that our paths could cross at this time in my life; soulful thanks that I am comfortable and warm in my own heart – something I’ve not experienced before. ~ E.C.