The 5 Steps of Graceful Aging


“It's where we go, and what we do when we get there, that tells us who we are.” ~  Joyce Carol Oates

How can you be sure that you are spending your precious resources of time, energy, and money in the direction of your dreams? It is so easy to fall into the patterns that society lays down for us, and neglect to discover that we have our own innate patterns within us attempting to become real in the world.


Nowhere is this more evident in the limited beliefs about what we can or should be and do when we’re older! Too many of us go into a state of denial that we’ll ever get old or face the issues we see other seniors facing. It takes courage and wisdom to look the future squarely in the face and take action!


Looking just at the numbers, less than 40% of all seniors will ever spend any time in a nursing home, and less than 25% will spend more than three years in a nursing home. That means the vast majority of elders will be aging in their own home, in a relative’s home, in a downsized home, or one of a dozen other options.


My mission is to help you dream, design, and downsize into the place that’s just right for you!

Overview of the Five Steps of Graceful Aging:

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